Andrew Colvin | Sam and Alex, Erdeven, France
Created 20-Feb-12
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Sam and Alex are friends who very kindly allow me use their wedding as a sample album and quite a sample it is, not least for the stunning bride. The wedding itself was certainly unique as a Russian Orthodox ceremony in a French Catholic church, accompanied by some very English moments. While Sam and Alex requested a bare minimum of arranged shots, there were plenty of key moments to capture which meant a full awareness of how the ceremony would progress, from the 'engagement' at the entrance, to the crown-bearers, the icons and the Russian choir. Going through the order of service of the ceremony with it's numerous intricacies which I wanted to capture actually became one of the larger parts of our discussions in the pre-shoot meeting. When processing, I used a large number of sepia conversions to highlight the gravitas of the ceremony and for several of the more formal moments.A more relaxed but still wonderfully grand reception followed with more opportunity to capture a lot of the individuals and especially Bride and Groom more at ease. Just as memorable was being borrowed by Alex's brother during dinner to take some last-minute shots needed to accompany his speech. While not included online, at the subject's request, there couldn't have been a bigger contrast to the morning!

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